Other comics that feature my work.
fabtoons_gardenfunniesJim Medway's excellent leguminous anthology will appeal to even the most greens-resistant child. Read a review here.
Click through to buy. (Unfortunately seems to be out of print)
cassavetti_solipsisticTom Humberstone's third issue of hisbeautiful and lavish Solipsistic Pop anthology is aimed at kids (so no swearing or rude bits!) read a review here. Click to buy
fabtoons_pastyRob Jackson's Pasty Anthology is a mouthwateringly hilarious collection of snack related nonsense. Read a review here. There's another one here but you have to scroll right down to the end of the review, so don't give up!
Click to buy
fabtoons_ginpalaceAnother boozetastic-beauty of an anthology from Rob Jackson! Lots of stuff vaguely drink related, and hat related. Reviews here and here. I have also be reviewed very kindly here, thanks TCJ! Click to buy.
fabtoons_bunch2Issue 2 of Richy K Chandler's
Bunch anthology with added sauce! Read a review here. Click to buy.